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Tiffanie is an amazing real estate agent. To say she goes above and beyond is an understatement - she'll move heaven and earth to serve her clients. In real estate, you need EXPERIENCE and SAVVY on your side: Bairo and Tiffanie KNOW REAL ESTATE. Real estate, whether buying or selling, is all about knowing the "inside" info and have an agent who has your back. Too many agents are either "part time" or play the numbers game (if they quickly show a ton of homes, they'll make some sales). Bairo instead is about serving your needs and working for YOU, not treating you like a paycheck. And on top of that, Tiffanie is simply a fun person to be around! Why should real estate be stuffy and boring? You're making a huge purchase/investment, and if you're not comfortable with your agent you'll make mistakes or hesitate to ask all your questions. Choose Bairo, and work with a friend, not a salesperson.
Lorenzo M10/31/2018

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