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Agent Web Page
Connect Existing Web
Social Media Creation
Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Optimization
Get your webpage or pages linked to your profile picture on Bairo Real estate Connect an already existing webpage, blog or social media site to your Bairo profile picture  Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google + Submit your pages to 150 Search engines to optimize your presence on the web, This will allow you to be found in every search engine all across america. Not Just Google.   Optimize your pages for web crawlers and spiders . This increases your presence on the web. Move up in the search engine easily with keywords, Meta Tags, and custom branding of your business.
Full Website  Business Cards   Cloud Storage Custom Swag Computer Support and Classes 
Get your own professional customizable website. Includes 1 Year Hosting space, Personal Server, Domain Name , Unlimited Email addresses, Cgi bin , Scripting, Ftp Access, Cloud Storage up to 200GB, Custom Redirects and Mirrors.    High Quality Business Cards As Low as  $20.00 
Small orders 250  Cards Largest order 9500 Cards
Front and Back Available in Gloss, Matte, & Texture. Many Sizes and Shapes Available.
As low as  $9.99 a year. Full Access From any Device. Access your files on the go from a secure server that is password protected. Space available up to 1 TB. Store Documents , Video Pictures, Zipfiles, and more.  In todays competitive market Real estate Agents need to stand out from the competition. Provide your clients with custom products that they will never throw away and will market you name or brand for years to come. It has been proven in this industry that items with your name or logo such as Calendars , Mugs, Flash Drives , Umbrellas etc will provide you with cost efffective marketing that works. Learn how to use your computer and programs effectively and efficiently . Classes are 1 Hour long and can be customized to your specific needs or suite. Office Suite, Google Suite, Pdf Creators, Video Editors, Email Clients, and any other programs you need to learn. We also offer full support, maintaince and trouble shooting of your PC or Mac Products.
Call Thomas For Custom Orders and Pricing 240-334-7244 

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