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Tiffany Bailey Shawn Juan Genesis Bailey Debbie Ropars
Tiffanie Romey Bailey
Pennsylvania & New York
CEO/ Broker of Record PA/ NY
Email: realtort@hotmail.com
Phone: 718-753-3911 
Shawn Bailey
Pennsylvania & New York
COO / Real Estate Agent
Email: Shawnb@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 347-687-8364
Genesis Bailey
Email: gsbailey00@gmail.com
Phone: 718-974-4565 
Doris Ropars
Associate Broker
Email: debbie@dropars.realtor
Phone: 570-460-9514 
Darryl Aldridge  Adelina Katz  Yahaira Morales  Charmin Green 
Darryl Aldridge
Real Estate Agent
Email: darealtor60@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 484-272-7444
Andelina "Andie" Katz
Real Estate Agent
Email: andiekatz@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 570-627-6017 
Yahaira Morales
Real Estate Agent
Email: yahairamoralesrealtor@gmail.com
Phone: 570-620-5457 
Charmin Green
Real Estate Agent / Property Manager
Email : Cgreen@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 570-269-3464 
Selwyn G Wright     Latonya Best  Shelly Foreman 
Selwyn G Wright
Real Estate Agent

Email: S.Wright@bairorealestate.com
Valerie Masse
Real Estate Agent New York
Email : Val.masse@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 347-248-5232 
Latanya Best
Real Estate Agent
Email: best@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 917-273-3415 
Shelly Foreman
Real Estate Agent
Email: sforeman367@gmail.com
Jude Mclaughlin Surina Vargas Patrick Haftl
Jude Mclaughlin
Real Estate Agent
Email: judem@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 570-460-5447
Sarina Vasquez
Real Estate Agent
Email: sarinav@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 570-982-6124  
Patrick Haftl
Real Estate Agent
Email: patrick@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 484-246-6568 
Caroline Kovacs
Real Estate Agent

Email: Carolinekovacs@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 570-620-8047
Raisu Taylor , Realtor
Marc Kovacs
Real Estate Agent
Email: Marckovacs@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 610-360-5219
Ricardo Cruz
Real Estate Agent
Email: Ricardocruz@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 570-994-8328 
Trisha Thomas Markland
Real Estate Agent
Email: Trisha@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 570-456-6747
Raisu Taylor
Real Estate Agent
Email: Raisutaylor@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 917-690-5931
Alexa Sanchez
Real Estate Agent
Email: Alexa@alexasanchez.net
Phone: 570-688-8147
Nicole Paul
Real Estate Agent
Email: Nicole@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 917-922-0373
Ariel Boswell
Real Estate Agent
Email: Ariel@bairorealestate.com
Phone: 570-260-6738

Become A Real Estate Agent

Are you looking to start a career in real estate? Bairo Real Estate is a great place for you. We have over 10 years of experience in the business, and we offer professional services to our clients.

Real estate can be a great career for those who have the entrepreneurial drive to make their own way, control their own professional destiny, and enjoy working with others. If this is a part of your professional and personal make up, Bairo Real Estate is the company that can enhance your experience into the world of real estate properties. Call us at 610-395-3334.

Agent Development

Bairo Real Estate is about family. Agent development along with company structure is approached with family values and organizational structure in mind. We bring our techniques close to niche and personal, giving one-on-one personal growth to reach your goals as an agent, so that service mixed with knowledge will allow your financial goals to be met with ease, meeting our motto that you have to give to get something in return. 

Our training educational offering is provided by one of Pennsylvania's top company brokers (Tiffanie Bailey Romey) who was the number 1 sales agent in her previous company, number 7 in the Mid-Atlantic region, and also landed the position of being in the top 100 sale producers in the nation. All this experience and knowledge will be poured into each joining agent, concentrating on productivity that well exceeds the national average, especially when coupled with productivity tools like CRM, agent websites and apps, prospecting resources, eMarketing programs, and business planning tools. 

Because you are in charge of your business, you're free to set your earnings goals as high as you'd like and leverage our resources to help achieve them. Contact us to inquire.

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